The Defaced World

The metaverse is missing something. Cartoon-like avatars wandering around under cutesy, fluffy white clouds - it's all a bit sterile. Detached. Unreal.

We're bringing color, grit and personality to the blank canvas of the metaverse through NFTs created by real-world street artists.

Raw, talented and underappreciated in the real world, and absent from the virtual world. We're changing that, one NFT at a time.

NFT Gallery

Coming Soon

All the profit from our first collection will be going to help those less fortunate in the Ukraine

The Wall

For too long walls have been a tool for separation, highlighting differences, putting a barrier between us and them. Even the metaverse risks being yet another wall between the old and the new, the haves and the have nots.

We Have Enough Walls

We say the only thing walls are good for is art.

We Are The Art And The Anti-Art

Street art is about more than money, more than fame, more than just how it looks. It's about the message - making people really look at the world around them, take just a moment to think before carrying on. Rushing by. What could be more beautiful in a busy world than making someone pause and think. That's real art.

We Are For-Profit And For Good

As well as bringing some real-world grit to the metaverse, we want to bring some of the idealism and wealth of the metaverse to reality by donating a percentage of our profits to charities fighting good causes in the real world. homelessness.

We are the future and we are the now

Web 2.0 kept us at arm's length; we were consumers, our online identity reduced to a Gmail account, an Amazon customer number, a carefully curated Facebook profile. Web 3.0 is about the experience, creating an authentic digital presence to immerse ourselves in new ways of socializing, working, and entertaining. What would that experience be with blank walls?

We are artists and scientists

We bring street artists from around the world together in a community to inspire one another and get the recognition and reward they deserve for the color they bring to our streets, real and virtual. Their work and our technical expertise help them reach a whole new world, a whole new audience.

We are Defaced World!


✔ Release the Collection.
✔ Make the Donation.
✔ Announce the Collaboration.
✔ Open the Gallery.
✔ Generate revenue for all holders.

How much does one NFT cost?

The cost for each NFT is 1.8 sol.

Do I own the rights to my NFT(s)?

You can use your purchased NFT(s) for your personal use (printing it for personal use, incorporating it in a piece of art you create, etc). You cannot use your purchased NFT(s) for merchandise purposes (selling it as physical merch). If you have plans to do so, please contact us and we can discuss licensing deals.

How many DW NFTs will there ever be?

There will be 5050 NFT(s) available for minting.